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Twitter Buys Snappy TV

Who’d have thought that TV viewing could be more social? Twitter is searching to accomplish just that by tallying to purchase Snappy TV, that’s a San Francisco Bay Area based video talking about startup. The move seems happens towards Twitter’s ambitions of making its strategies by regarding the it calls “Social TV”, the initial being it’s unveiling in the Vine application a year ago. A couple of from the clients of Snappy TV includes Fox Sports, Universal Sports and ABC News only to name a few. Snappy TV was already used by various media companies to write sports updates as well as other videos on Twitter. This deal enables Twitter to produce videos a lot of their service, that’s something it’s been considering doing for some time now. Each side have up to now been tightlipped in regards to the purchase cost.

Google and Microsoft Phones to provide a ‘Kill Switch’

Since technology is disbursing, handful of would disagree that Smartphone robbery still remains a regrettable reality, as well as the recent figures have only proven there will probably increase. Consequently, two leaders in the tech world, Google and Microsoft recently introduced their future Smartphone models have a kill switch, which will allow the user to disable their Smartphone, that makes it useless for the crook. The Completely New You’ll be able to Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, also mentioned using the likes of Google and Microsoft aboard, almost 95% of Smartphones will feature kill switches. The newest type of the Apple iOS has a kill switch referred to as “Activation Lock” along with a monitoring software which requires a password before the iPhone or iPad might be reset. Samsung also launched the same feature referred to as “Reactivation Lock” in May.

Although many are calling it a marginal improvement at keeping Smartphone robbery away, you’ll find people who think that the Government’s participation will need us to have an Orwellian scenario, with companies that are offering contract phones able to brick a mobile phone only to punish whether cheating customer or carrying out a two-year service contract is ended. While you will notice apparent financial incentives for network providers, adding a kill switch could be the deterrent Smartphone robbery needs. Whether it works or else? We’ll need to wait and discover.